The Next Generation

My daughter, Poo, now has a field trial/puppies blog as she ventures into being a mom for the first time, and I....age into the realm of "Gramma"!

Visit her:


Clozing Thyme.

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.....


Champagne Supernova...

Miss Beth and hawt-to-trot Remy arrive to celebrate with mom
the send-off of the Krewe!


Celebrate Good Thymes ... COME ON!!!

Today the Krewe turn EIGHT weeks!!!
What a special group of boys they are!

~~Conceived on the 4th of July (or very close to)~~
~~Born the day after Labor Day (3 via c-section)....of a Presidential election year~~
~~Joining their families Halloween weekend~~

The Krewe are ladies men already. They have stolen the hearts of half-sisters Windy & Potter who helped raise and teach them how to 'treat her like a lady', mama Thyme (who still gets in the crate to snuggle with them), & their human family who get teary-eyed thinking of their departure (and release into the world..LOL).

How 'thyme' flies...when you're havin' fun!!

Po'Boy, the first born
Beignet, world's best lap-puppy

Cajun, the clown (member of the 'section' Krewe)

Gumbo, perfecting the butt in the air pose
(section Krewe member)

Iko, loud & proud..don't let the angel face fool you, he's an expert escape artist (section Krewe member)


Happiness is....

(from back to front..Po'Boy, Beignet, Iko, Cajun, Gumbo)


Guess Who???

Jungle Puppy, caught in the act!!